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Whole Home Surge Protection in Stevens County and North Spokane

Protect Your Home with Whole Home Surge Protection

A power surge can occur unexpectedly, posing a threat to the performance and lifespan of your valuable electronic devices. While using a power strip may offer some level of protection, it is not designed to withstand multiple surges or provide comprehensive coverage for your entire home. That's why investing in a whole-house surge protector is crucial for safeguarding your appliances and electronics.

At Northside Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of protecting your home and ensuring the longevity of your electrical devices. With over 20 years of experience, our licensed, insured, and trusted technicians are equipped to handle any electrical issue, including the installation of whole-home surge protection systems tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our home surge protection services and how we can help provide reliable and long-lasting protection for your home and devices!

Why is Whole Home Surge Protection Worth It?

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that using a power strip is sufficient to protect against power surges. However, power strips are not built to withstand repeated surges, and their effectiveness diminishes over time. When a power surge occurs, it can cause irreparable damage to the internal wiring of your appliances and devices, leading to a shortened lifespan, diminished performance, or even complete failure.


The consequences of a power surge can affect a wide range of electronics and appliances, including phones, refrigerators, computers, TVs, and more. By investing in whole home surge protection, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Enhanced Device Lifespan

A whole-house surge protector safeguards your devices by redirecting excess voltage away from sensitive components. This helps extend the lifespan of your electronics and appliances, saving you money on costly replacements.

Improved Device Performance

Power surges can disrupt the normal functioning of electronic devices, leading to glitches, errors, and decreased performance. With whole home surge protection, you can ensure that your devices operate at their optimal levels without any disruptions.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home is equipped with comprehensive surge protection provides peace of mind. You can confidently use your appliances and electronics without worrying about the damaging effects of power surges.

Who Benefits from Whole Home Surge Protection?


Homeowners are the primary beneficiaries of whole home surge protection. By installing a surge protection system, they can safeguard their valuable electronics, appliances, and electrical systems from damaging power surges. With whole home surge protection, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their investments are protected and that they won't face unexpected repair or replacement costs due to power surge-related damages.


Families benefit greatly from whole-home surge protection. Power surges can cause disruptions in daily routines and inconvenience family members. By installing a surge protection system, families can ensure the uninterrupted use of their electronic devices, entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, and other essential equipment. This helps maintain a comfortable and enjoyable living environment for everyone in the household.

Professionals and Home Offices

Professionals who work from home or run home offices rely heavily on electronic devices and computer systems to carry out their work. A power surge can not only damage their equipment but also result in data loss and work interruptions. Whole home surge protection provides professionals and home office users with a secure and stable electrical environment, ensuring the safety of their devices, data, and productivity.

Electronics Enthusiasts

Individuals who are passionate about electronics, such as audio-video enthusiasts, gamers, and tech enthusiasts, invest in high-end and sensitive equipment. These devices are particularly vulnerable to power surges and voltage spikes. Whole home surge protection offers added protection to their valuable electronics, preserving their performance, lifespan, and overall enjoyment.

Homebuyers and Real Estate Investors

When purchasing a home, homebuyers often look for properties that are equipped with modern amenities and protective features. Whole home surge protection adds value to a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Real estate investors can also benefit from installing surge protection systems in their rental properties, providing tenants with added safety and convenience while protecting their investments.

No matter who you are, whole home surge protection offers significant benefits in safeguarding your home, electronics, and peace of mind. At Northside Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in providing reliable surge protection solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Home Surge Protection for Existing Homes
Upgrade your existing home with reliable surge protection.

If you own an existing home in Stevens County or North Spokane, it's never too late to invest in whole-home surge protection. Our experienced technicians will assess your electrical panel and recommend the most suitable surge protection system for your specific needs. We will seamlessly integrate the surge protector into your electrical system, providing reliable and long-lasting protection for your home and devices.

Tips to Consider for Whole-Home Surge Protection:

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Assess your home's electrical vulnerabilities: Identify areas of your home that are prone to power surges, such as locations with frequent lightning activity or areas with unreliable power grids.

Understand the potential risks: Recognize the potential damage that power surges can cause to your sensitive electronic devices, appliances, and electrical systems, including shortened lifespan, diminished performance, and costly repairs or replacements.

Consult with a professional electrician: Seek guidance from a licensed electrician who can assess your home's electrical system, recommend the appropriate whole-home surge protection solution, and ensure proper installation for maximum effectiveness.

Invest in a high-quality surge protection system: Choose a reliable and reputable surge protector that provides comprehensive protection for your entire home, safeguarding all electrical circuits and appliances from the damaging effects of power surges.

Remember, a whole-home surge protector is a proactive and cost-effective measure that can potentially save you from expensive damages and disruptions caused by power surges. Prioritize the protection of your home's electrical infrastructure and valuable devices by considering a whole-home surge protector installation.

Home Surge Protection for New Construction
Proactively safeguard your home's electrical infrastructure from the ground up

For homeowners building a new house, incorporating whole home surge protection from the start is a wise decision. Our electricians can work with your contractors to ensure that your new construction project includes the necessary surge protection measures. By installing a whole house surge protector during the construction phase, you can safeguard your investment and enjoy the benefits of surge protection from day one.

Tips to Consider for Whole-Home Surge Protection in New Construction:

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Plan for surge protection during new construction: Incorporate surge protection into the design and construction of your new home. Consult with your builder or electrician to ensure that the necessary measures are taken to install a reliable surge protection system.

Understand the importance of surge protection: Recognize the risks that power surges pose to your newly constructed home's electrical system and the valuable devices and appliances within it. Protect your investment by considering surge protection as an essential component of your new home's infrastructure.

Consult with a professional electrician: Seek guidance from a licensed electrician with experience in new construction projects. Northside electricians can recommend the appropriate surge protection solutions that align with your home's specific electrical requirements and ensure proper installation for optimal effectiveness.

Invest in high-quality surge protection equipment: Choose a reputable surge protection system that offers comprehensive coverage for your new home, safeguarding all electrical circuits and appliances. Prioritize quality and reliability to ensure long-term protection and minimize the risk of damage from power surges. Our electricians can recommend the best solutions for your needs.

By incorporating surge protection into your new construction project, you can proactively safeguard your home's electrical infrastructure and valuable electronic devices from the potentially devastating effects of power surges. Prioritize the installation of a reliable surge protection system to provide long-lasting peace of mind for your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are the common causes of electrical surges in N.E. Washington?

A: Electrical surges in N.E. Washington can be triggered by a range of factors. Here are some of the common scenarios:

  • Blackouts: Power outages or sudden restoration of electricity can generate voltage fluctuations and surges when the power supply is reinstated

  • Downed power lines: Inclement weather conditions or accidents can result in power lines being knocked down, leading to electrical surges that can affect nearby homes and properties.

  • Nearby lightning strikes: Lightning carries immense electrical energy, and when it strikes near power lines or electrical systems, it can induce power surges that travel through the grid and impact connected devices.

  • Damaged wiring: Faulty or deteriorated electrical wiring within a property can cause irregular voltage fluctuations and surges, posing a risk to electronic devices and appliances.

  • Cycling of large appliances: With more and more homes relying on larger appliances, the cyclical startup or shutdown of these devices can create internal surges. The sudden demand for electricity when these appliances activate or deactivate may cause brief voltage spikes that affect other appliances on the same electrical circuit.

While the first four scenarios may not occur frequently, it's important to note that the cycling of large appliances is a more common cause of internal surges. These internal surges can impact the overall stability of the electrical system within your home, potentially leading to damage or premature wear on sensitive electronics.

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Q: Do I need an electrician to install a whole house surge protector in my home?

A: Yes, our qualified electrician can install a whole-house surge protector. These devices are mounted between your home's circuit breaker panel and the community power grid, and their installation requires technical knowledge and adherence to safety standards.

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Q: What does a whole house surge protector look like in my home?

A: A whole-house surge protector is a nondescript gray box that is mounted by an electrician. It is strategically placed between your home's circuit breaker panel and the incoming power from the community grid, effectively diverting and neutralizing electrical surges.

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Q: How long does it take to install a whole house surge protector in my home?

A: Professional installation of a whole-house surge protector typically takes about two hours. We highly recommend hiring our qualified electrician for the installation, as we have the expertise to ensure proper integration with your electrical panel and incoming power.

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Q: How long does a whole home surge protector last?

A: The average lifespan of a whole home surge protector is typically estimated to be around 5 to 10 years. However, it's important to note that if your home experiences frequent brownouts or blackouts, it may be necessary to replace the surge protector more frequently. Regularly assessing the condition of your surge protector and considering the electrical conditions in your area can help ensure that your home remains protected from power surges effectively.

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