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Electrical Repairs for Reliable Power in  Stevens County and North Spokane

Repair your home's electrical system with high-quality electrical repair by our expert electricians

At Northside Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of a properly functioning electrical system in your home. Our team of licensed and professional electricians is dedicated to providing top-quality electrical repair services in Stevens County and North Spokane. Whether you're experiencing issues in an existing home or undergoing a remodel, we have the expertise to handle all your electrical repair needs. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and industry-leading practices, you can trust us to keep your electrical system running smoothly.

Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality electrical repair services and how we can help provide solutions to enhance the safety and functionality of your home.

Why Choose Northside Heating & Air Conditioning for Electrical Repairs?

When it comes to reliable and professional electrical repairs, Northside Heating & Air Conditioning stands out as the top choice. With our team of experienced and certified electricians, we provide exceptional service to meet all your electrical repair needs. Whether you're dealing with faulty wiring, malfunctioning outlets, or other electrical issues, we have the expertise to diagnose and address the problem promptly. With our commitment to quality workmanship, prompt service, and customer satisfaction, choosing Northside Heating & Air Conditioning ensures that your electrical repairs are handled with utmost professionalism and precision. Trust us to restore power, enhance safety, and provide reliable solutions for your electrical systems.

Benefits of using Northside's Electricians:

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Expertise and Reliability

Our licensed and certified electricians bring years of experience and extensive knowledge to every electrical repair project. We stay updated with the latest industry advancements to ensure efficient and reliable solutions for our customers.

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Comprehensive Services

From diagnosing electrical issues to performing repairs, we offer a wide range of electrical services to address your specific needs. Whether it's fixing faulty wiring, replacing outdated components, or troubleshooting circuitry problems, we have you covered.

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Safety and Compliance

Electrical repairs should never be taken lightly. Our electricians prioritize safety, following all local codes and regulations to ensure the integrity of your electrical system. We use quality materials and techniques that meet industry standards for long-lasting and safe repairs.

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Prompt and Efficient Service

We understand the inconvenience of electrical problems and the impact they can have on your daily life. That's why we strive to provide prompt and efficient service, minimizing downtime and restoring power to your home as quickly as possible.

Electrical Repairs for Existing Homes and Remodels

Restoring Functionality and Safety to Your Home's Electrical System

Whether you're living in an older home or planning a remodel, electrical repairs play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and functional living environment. Our experienced electricians specialize in addressing electrical issues in existing homes and remodeling. 

Tips to Consider for Electrical Repairs:

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Fixing malfunctioning light switches and outlets:

If you're experiencing issues with your light switches, such as flickering lights or switches that don't work as they should, it's essential to address the problem promptly. Malfunctioning outlets, including those that don't provide power or produce sparks, should also be repaired to avoid safety hazards.

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Upgrading outdated electrical panels:

If your home's electrical panel is outdated or struggling to meet the increased power demands of modern electronics and appliances, consider upgrading to a more robust panel. An updated electrical panel ensures a reliable and efficient power supply throughout your home. This would also be an excellent time to consider a whole-home surge protector for safeguarding your appliances and electronics.

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Installing energy-efficient lighting solutions:

Reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bills by installing energy-efficient lighting options. LED lights, for example, consume less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs while providing long-lasting and high-quality illumination.

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Troubleshooting and repairing faulty wiring:

Faulty wiring can lead to various issues, including power outages, electrical shocks, or even fire hazards. If you notice signs of faulty wiring, such as burning smells, discolored outlets, or frequently tripping breakers, it's crucial to have a professional electrician identify and repair the problem.

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Enhancing electrical safety with GFCIs and AFCIs:

Consider installing ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) to enhance electrical safety in your home. GFCIs protect against electrical shock in areas prone to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, while AFCIs detect dangerous arcing faults, minimizing the risk of electrical fires.

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Providing electrical inspections and maintenance:

Regular electrical inspections and maintenance are key to ensuring the long-term performance and safety of your electrical system. Schedule professional inspections to identify potential issues early on and perform routine maintenance tasks, such as tightening connections and testing electrical components.

By considering these tips for electrical repairs, you can address common electrical issues, improve energy efficiency, and enhance the safety of your home. Remember, it's always recommended to consult with a licensed and experienced electrician for any electrical repairs or upgrades to ensure the work is done correctly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is electrical installation repair?

A: Electrical installation repair refers to the process of installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems and equipment. It involves tasks such as wiring installation, equipment repairs or replacements, and safety inspections to ensure proper functioning and adherence to electrical codes.

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Q: What are the common problems in electrical installation?

A:  Some common problems in electrical installation include:


Insecure Wiring:

Loose or poorly connected wiring can lead to electrical shorts, power loss, or even electrical fires.

Wrong Wiring Sizes:

Using incorrect wire sizes can result in electrical overloads, overheating, and potential hazards.

Improper Wire Length:

Inadequate wire length can make it difficult to reach electrical devices and may cause tension on connections.

Unprotected Wiring:

Exposed or unprotected wiring poses safety risks and can be easily damaged.

Faulty Connections:

Poorly executed electrical connections can lead to intermittent power, sparking, or electrical failures.

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Q: What are the three types of electrical problems?

A: The three common types of electrical problems are:

Circuit Breaker Problems:

Issues with circuit breakers can cause tripping, recurrent power interruptions, or inability to reset the breaker.

Electrical Surges, Sags, or Dips:

Fluctuations in voltage can damage electronic devices, cause lights to dim or flicker, and disrupt the normal operation of electrical equipment.

Scarce or Dead Outlets:

Insufficient or non-functioning electrical outlets can hinder the use of appliances and devices in specific areas of your home.

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Q: What are the common signs that you may have a problem with your electrical wiring?

A: Signs of potential problems with electrical wiring include:

Excessive use of extension cords:

Overreliance on extension cords may indicate a shortage of electrical outlets or inadequate wiring.

Dimming or flickering lights:

Inconsistent or fluctuating lighting can be a sign of faulty wiring or overloaded circuits.

Funny odors:

Strange smells, such as ozone, something burning, or plastic odors, can indicate wiring issues and potential fire hazards.


Sparks when plugging or unplugging devices suggest a faulty connection or damaged wiring.

Hot outlets or switch plates:

Unusually warm outlets or switch plates may indicate electrical overload or faulty wiring.

Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers:

Frequent power interruptions suggest electrical overloads or other underlying issues.


Audible buzzing or humming sounds near electrical outlets or devices may indicate loose connections or faulty wiring.

The wrong outlets in the kitchen or bathroom:

Improperly installed outlets that are not grounded or lack GFCI protection in wet areas can pose safety risks.

We're here to help you with your electrical concerns and prioritize your safety. Electrical issues can be hazardous, which is why we strongly encourage you to reach out to our team of licensed professional electricians. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to provide proper diagnosis and repairs, ensuring the safety of your home and compliance with electrical codes. Don't hesitate to contact us and let our skilled professionals take care of your electrical needs. Your safety is our top priority!

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